Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles give many of the same advantages of standard wall to wall carpet. However, being sold in individual tiles gives carpet tiles unique pros and cons. Let cover both the advantages and disadvantages of tiles:

advantages of carpet tiles

  • easy to DIY or lower installation costs: square tiles that stick to the ground are easier to install than any floor (except maybe rubber flooring)
  • messes and damage don’t matter much because you can pluck out and replace individual tiles
  • insulation of sound and warmth, especially with padding attached
  • softer underfoot than most flooring options
  • individual squares let you be more creative than any flooring (I’ve seen people draw pictures in their floor with tiles!)
  • More on these advantages will be covered throughout this article, but basically, I carpet tiles are a stress-free floor that’s easy to install and inexpensive to replace. Maybe, my favorite thing about carpet tiles is how creative you can get with them. People do some much cooler things with carpet tiles than I could do myself. You can check out Pinterest for some examples.

Sounds great, so what about the drawbacks?

  • disadvantages of carpet tiles
  • can have a sterile or corporate look: carpet tiles used to only be found in commercial buildings. now, new designs and creativity have led to some of the most fun floor being designed with carpet tile
  • tiles go together well but can’t mimic the plush “one-piece” look of regular carpet
  • usually durable, but some tiles will fray at the edges and/or buckle
  • can have padding but not as cushioned as carpet
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Sqft per box: 96.00